A Fine Art Deco Burma 2.63ct Red Spinel & Diamond Ring & Certificate



An Art Deco ring probably c.1935 featuring a simply Magnificent 2.63ct Unheated untreated Red Spinel from the famed gem mines of Mogok in Burma, with exceptional colour and clarity. The colour is a stunning deeply saturated red with a purple undertone, and absolutely beautiful. The stone is absolutely eye clean: astonishingly, it is virtually loupe clean as well, with the exception of a tiny tiny inclusion at the very side of the stone. Colour wise, indoor or less bright lighting conditions will accentuate the purple hue: sunlight will turn the stone into a red ball of fire as the later pics shot outdoors evidence. Beautiful antique cushion shape and cut with wonderful lustre and brilliancy. Although on the deep side, this cutting style has resulted in a gem with almost breathtaking vibrancy and life. The diamonds are extremely white though those of you with eagle eyes will discern that one is slightly included. No treatment whatsoever. The spinel has been fully certificated by the. World renowned Lotus Gemology laboratory as being red, untreated, origin Burma. Size a tad under 7. Gorgeous and certain to appreciate in price as time goes by. Shipping dhl


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