A Superb Unheated 1.27ct Burma Pigeon’s Blood Vivid Red Ruby Lotus Certificate



An absolutely magnificent, absolutely top top quality unheated, untreated ruby from the famed gem mines of Myanmar Burma weighing 1.27ct. Gorgeous shade of crimson red, exactly as Pigeon’s Blood ruby should be, and fully certificated by the internationally acclaimed Lotus Gemology laboratory as vivid red, pigeon’s blood, absolutely beautiful! The last photos show the wonderful fluorescence of the stone in sunlight, and the first are taken under cloudy conditions: Look at the colour of the gem both indoors – with a secondary purplish hue – and then in the sunlight! You can see the extraordinary fluorescence the gem displays under natural sunlight, it really is quite extraordinary! The stone is, astonishingly, eye clean table up and almost but not quite loupe clean as well – there are small

Inclusion indeed within the stone, but overall clarity is exceptional for the genre – unheated ruby from this origin will inevitably have multiple inclusions but this one is extremely clean indeed. There are just a few small inclusions visible under a loupe, that’s all. Lustre and brilliance are excellent despite the strong colour saturation in the stone. We have used a sophisticated macro lens for these pics which will always tend to exaggerate any inclusions, but here *nothing is visible at all* with the naked eye – truly exceptional indeed.

Cutting is excellent with minimal to zero windowing in the stone, and in fact the gem presents as a 1.50ct sized gem.

It goes without saying that the stone is extremely vibrant with excellent life and brilliancy, transparent, and comes complete with a brand new Lotus certificate confirming no heat, the origin and, crucially, that the colour is indeed the sought after vivid red, Pigeon’s Blood hue.

Whether mounted or loose, this ruby is absolutely CERTAIN to appreciate in value as time goes by and offers *exceptional* investment potential. Shipping $100 EMS or Fedex


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