A Superb Unheated Burma 2.04ct Pigeon’s Blood Vivid Red Ruby & Diamond Ring GIA


A simply wonderful and utterly unique Jewel set in solid 18k white gold, and featuring a gorgeous , completely unheated and untreated pigeon’s blood Ruby from Mogok in Burma weighing an impressive 2.04ct. The beautifully made ring contains an array of clean and white brilliant cut diamonds of exceptional quality totalling 0.90ct. The diamonds look greyish in some of our pics, but this is caused by reflections – they are absolutely as white as snow and with excellent clarity and cut as well. The star of the show is certainly however the wonderful unheated Ruby which is of a gorgeous hue of almost pure, vivid, traffic light red. This hue is the famed ‘pigeon’s blood’ colour, arguably the most desirable hue of any gem type in the entire world, and is fully certified by GIA as such. This is a superb but not a perfect stone: internally, the gem is clearly and definitely included – there are some horizontal lines which we have tried to show in our pics – though both brilliancy and transparency are very good. We have taken pics in two types of lighting conditions: the Bangkok sunlight, and indoors. Bear in mind that the light in Chicago, as an example, will not be as bright as in Thailand. Fluorescence under ultraviolet light – an acid test of Burma ruby – is extraordinary and diagnostic, as evidenced by the last ‘uv’ pic. The stone is absolutely fully certificated by GIA as attached: pigeon’s blood, unheated, origin Burma. GIA are extremely parsimonious in giving out ‘Pigeon’s Blood’ certificates, which makes this one even more special. The gem is additionally of course without any treatment. Under direct and bright sunlight the ruby positively glows, just as fluorescent Mogok ruby should – a stunning product of nature. Arguably, the gem could ideally be brighter under cloudy conditions, but look how it glows in the light! Google what 2ct+ Burma unheated Pigeon’s Blood rubies fetch these days in the international auction houses – you will be amazed – and you will see the *extraordinary* value in this ring for the superb quality. Oh, and that’s if you can find one currently for sale, so incredibly rare are they. I am absolutely sure that whoever is lucky enough to win this stunning ring will be buying a blue chip and long term investment of *exceptional* quality. We *will* take a reasonable offer on the ring but please note that unrealistic ones will be automatically rejected by the system. Size 6 and a quarter approx. Needless to say the ring makes a stunning statement when worn and is absolutely CERTAIN to appreciate in value as time goes. Shipping Fedex fully insured


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