An Exquisite Unheated 1.21ct Blue Sapphire Platinum Diamond Ring



A delicate and absolutely adorable Estate ring in platinum featuring a Unheated 1.21ct natural blue sapphire in this wonderful medium blue colour, almost certainly from Sri Lanka. As with many blue sapphire, it will look more blue under incandescent lights and a little little/more violet under sunlight. Eye clean and virtually loupe clean with excellent life, vibrancy and transparency. The diamonds are of very good quality, clean and white, and total 0.38ct approx. No treatment whatsoever. This is not a big ring: on the contrary, it is fine and exquisite. The stone comes with a recent mini certificate from the Tokyo Gem Laboratory in Bangkok confirming no heat. GIA certification is available for $180 and will take 10 working days after order is placed. Size 5.25 approx. Wonderful! Shipping DHL


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