An Exquisite Unheated 1.36ct Burma Ruby & Certificate



A Simply stunning Unheated 1.36ct Burma Ruby from the famed gem mines of Mogok in Burma (Myanmar). The colour of this magnificent gemstone is a very slightly pinkish red, appearing more purple indoors and more vivid pink-red in sunlight, as evidenced in our pics : absolutely beautiful and absolutely typically Burmese. The first pics have been taken outside but not in sunlight, the bright pinkish ones were taken in sunlight and the possibly more purplish ones indoors. Bear in mind that the light in Chicago, as an example, may not be so bright this time of year! Clarity is good for the gem genre and this is a bright and vibrant stone, as evidenced in the pics. There is however a host of small tiny inclusions plus one darker one which is fortunately perpendicular to the gem’s table and thus only visible at extremely oblique angles. Note however that we are using a macro lens and this is barely visible with the naked eye. Cutting is good and the stone has a large face for its weight, without any windowing. Lustre and brilliancy are both wonderful, and this is an extremely vibrant gem indeed. The stone comes complete with a brand new certificate from The small but respected AGL Thailand laboratory as attached, confirming the origin and no treatment. Absolutely certain to appreciate in value as time goes by. Shipping Fedex or DHL


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