Beautiful 4.08ct Natural Pteria Copper Chocolate Pearl & Gemlab Cert



A simply stunning NATURAL (not cultured or freshwater) saltwater pearl weighing a pleasing 4.08ct. From the Pteria species (probably Pteria Sterna), the pearl is a slightly off-round button in shape. Colour is a sensational combination of chocolate with a copper/bronze overtone, absolutely lovely and exceptionally rare. ┬áThe pearl is free from ugly marks or blemishes with the exception of the bottom of the pearl as per our 6th and 7th pics above. The pearl is completely untreated in every way. Beautiful lustre. The pearl comes complete with a certificate from the world respected GGTL Laboratories (Gemlab) in Liechtenstein, confirming that this is a Natural Nacreous Pearl, similar to Pteria species, no treatment. When you see such a pearl, one can wonder why on earth would someone buy a cultured pearl – natural pearls are so so much more beautiful and are simply unique gems of nature. Exceptional value for money for such a rare and beautiful pearl. Shipping $48 Fedex or EMS


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