Magnificent Unheated 4.05ct Pigeon’s Blood Ruby 18k Earrings & Certificates



A simply extraordinary and utterly unique pair of stunning earrings in solid 18k white gold featuring a wonderful pair of Unheated, untreated rubies from Mozambique weighing 4.05ct total. The colour – and fully certificated as such – is the famed ‘Pigeon’s Blood’ red of yore, the most sought after and valuable of all ruby colours and, indeed, of *all* coloured gemstones. Pigeon’s Blood rubies are a slightly darker, deeply saturated hue Both stones are a very good match colour wise to each other. Shape is also a good match with the stone on the right marginally ‘fatter’. Both stones are eye clean table up and overall clarity for the genre is exceptionally good. The diamonds total 2.50ct approx and are clean and white stones of excellent quality. Both stones are fully certificated as natural ruby, untreated, colour red – Pigeon’s Blood. To find such a matched pair perfect for earrings is truly rare – find another pair in this size and with this high quality certification. These are absolutely unique and absolutel certain to impress and to *significantly* appreciate in value as time goes by. Shipping Fedex or DHL


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