Rare & Delightful Unheated 2.83ct Burma Ruby Pair GIA Certificate



A Simply lovely matched pair of Unheated Burma Rubies from the famed gem mines of Mogok in Burma (Myanmar) totalling 2.83ct. The colour of this magnificent gemstone is red with a secondary pinkish hue in brighter conditions, changing to a more reddish purplehue in cloudy/darker lighting conditions, absolutely unusual, intriguing and absolutely typically Burmese. Bear in mind that the light in Chicago, as an example, may not be so bright this time of year! These are gorgeous but, at this price point, inevitably not perfect stones. Both gems are *clearly* included, but transparency, vibrancy and lustre are all excellent. These are truly glassy and brilliant rubies. Matched pairs of unheated Burma rubies are incredibly rare due to a host of reasons – try to find a pair – but these are absolutely the real McCoy, a 2.83ct Unheated Burma ruby matched pair. it is extremely pretty indeed. This can make a simply stunning ring or pendant. The stones come complete with a brand new certificate from a respected laboratory in Burma confirming origin Burma , colour red, and no heat. GIA certification is attached. Rare and unique! Shipping Fedex or DHL


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