Rare & Impressive 5.14ct Burma Red Spinel



A simply Magnificent Unheated untreated Red Spinel from Burma Myanmar weighing an impressive 5.14ct. The colour is a stunning ‘traffic light’ red with an orangey undertone plus feint hints of mocha, simply stunning and absolutely beautiful. Note that these pics have been taken indoors, but that even this light might be brighter than a cloudy day in Chicago, for example. We have also added some pics taken in sunlight, to show what a stunning sunbird this truly is! The stone has multiple crystal inclusions as you can see from our pics, but please note that the pics have been taken with a macro lens, which is far more unforgiving than the human eye. Transparency and vibrancy are both excellent. A beautiful cushion shape and cut with wonderful lustre and brilliancy. The cutting style has resulted in a gem with almost breathtaking vibrancy and life. No treatment whatsoever. Di you know how truly rare 5ct Burma red spinels are? Gorgeous and certain to appreciate in price as time goes by. For an extra $180 we will supply certification from the world renowned Lotus Gemology Laboratory confirming that the stone is untreated red spinel from Burma. Shipping dhl


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