Sensational Unheated 9.44ct Blue Sapphire Platinum & Diamond Ring GIA



A simply gorgeous Estate ring set in solid Platinum and featuring a stunning Unheated Blue Sapphire probably from Sri Lanka weighing an absolutely impressive 9.44ct. The beautifully made Estate ring contains an array of clean and white diamonds of excellent quality totalling 1.90ct. The central Blue Sapphire is simply gorgeous – a deeply saturated light to medium pastel ‘cornflower ‘ hue which at its best, like this example, shows extreme fire and vibrancy. Actually, the GIA certificate describes the colour as violetish blue, but I can’t see this at all myself: to my eyes it is a cornflower colour, a vibrant light blue. You can see that the first pics are a darker hue of blue – these are taken in normal light, and this colour is also seen under incandescent lighting. The lighter hue pics are taken in the bright Thailand sunlight. The stone is almost but not eye clean, with only one inclusion, a needle approx 2mm long just about a fingerprint, under the table visible with the naked eye. Under magnification there is also a larger fingerprint inclusion on one side of the stone. Such extremely good clarity in such a large blue sapphire is absolutely rare and absolutely to be collected. Lustre and brilliancy are excellent – the stone is positively ‘alive’ and is extremely vibrant and lively despite the window in the gem. The diamonds are WHITE and not yellowish as in some pics. The ring comes complete with GIA certification confirming no heat. We will consider a very near offer only, as this ring already represents exceptional value. Size 6 approx. approx. Needless to say the ring makes a stunning statement when worn and is absolutely certain to appreciate in value as time goes by.


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