Sensational Unheated Burma 1.95ct Blue Sapphire GIA Certificate



A simply exceptional, rare and completely untreated/unheated Sapphire from Mogok in Burma weighing an impressive 1.95ct. The colour is a superb darker hue but absolutely not too dark, akin to the sought after Royal Blue, not too light but not too dark, just as blue sapphire should be Рextremely lovely indeed. The gem has extremely good clarity for an Unheated Burmese sapphire and is eye clean to all but the very eagle eyed. This is one of the best value Burmese blue sapphires of this royal blue hue we have seen for a while Рit is really a delightful gem. The cut is very good though obviously on the deep side as you can see, and the cushion shape is most attractive, and is a perfect size for a stunning ring. Excellent repeat excellent vibrancy and lustre Рthis is a gem with great life and vitality. The stone comes complete with a certificate from the GIA Laboratory confirming that there are no indications of heating within the stone. Absolutely certain to appreciate in value as time goes by.  Shipping $69 Fedex


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