Stunning Unheated 1.54ct Burma Pigeon’s Blood Ruby Ring GRS Certificate



A simply extraordinary and utterly unique Jewel set in solid 18k white gold and featuring a stunning completely unheated and untreated Ruby from Myanmar Burma weighing 1.54ct. The beautifully made ring contains a delightful pair of clean and white diamonds of excellent quality totalling 0.39ct. The star of the show is certainly however the unheated ruby, which is of the famous Pigeon’s Blood colour, a deeply saturated hue, almost pure red, akin to a slightly darker traffic light red, absolutely unique, absolutely beautiful and fully certificated as such. We have shown the stone in 2 different lighting conditions to show how slice the gem becomes in sunlight. The ruby is eye clean to all but the eagle eyed, and inevitably has some inclusions when viewed under a loupe: overall however this is simply excellent clarity for the genre. Transparency is superb. Cutting is excellent and the oval shape has been beautifully presented by the gem cutter. The stone is absolutely fully certificated by the world renowned Gemresearch Laboratory GRS as attached and is absolutely beautiful. The ruby is exceptionally repeat exceptionally bright and vibrant and genuinely is a stunning and bright immense gem, and of course without any treatment whatsoever. Exceptionally vivid, lively and simply alive, the ruby positively glows. This is a delicate ring of absolutely the finest quality, and I am absolutely sure that whoever is lucky enough to win this magnificent ring will be buying a blue chip and long term investment of exceptional quality. We *will* take a reasonable offer on the ring but please note that unrealistic ones will be automatically rejected by the system. Size 6.25 approx. Needless to say the ring makes a stunning statement when worn and is absolutely CERTAIN to appreciate in value as time goes by. Shipping Fedex or dhl


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